Vimeo Thumbnail Downloader

Our Vimeo Thumbnail Downloader is a tool that allows you to download video from Vimeo of your desired format. You can load the thumbnail of your desired video by URL. Vimeo is a platform of videos, established in 2004. It can work like youtube but its main focus is on artistic videos or TV shows etc.

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Vimeo Thumbnail Downloader

How to use Vimeo thumbnail downloader?

Using our Vimeo Thumbnail Downloader is usually a straightforward process

  1. Simply enter the Vimeo video URL, Click on “Grab Vimeo Thumbnail” 

  2. Then select the thumbnail size and file format you want to download, and click the download button.

  3. The thumbnail will then be downloaded to your computer.

The Vimeo Thumbnail Downloader is not only easy to use but also a time saver. It eliminates the need to manually search through countless videos on Vimeo to find the perfect thumbnail. With the Vimeo Thumbnail Downloader, you can quickly and easily find the perfect thumbnail for your video, without having to waste time searching through countless videos on Vimeo.

Vimeo Thumbnail Image

Vimeo Thumbnail Downloader allows users to download HD and SD thumbnail images on their mobile, computer, or other devices. People usually prefer HD Vimeo Thumbnail images. Different sizes of thumbnails are 

  • HD 1920px 1080px
  • Small 380px 180px
  • Medium 640px 380px
  • Large 1280px 720px
  • SD 240px 135px

According to the usage area, these are different sizes of thumbnails, but Vimeo Thumbnails usually show small sizes. A good Thumbnail drags the user's interest to your video content, and the attractive colors of the Thumbnail may also attract the user's attention.

Vimeo Thumbnail is an image; it depends on your video. It gives the user a first impression of your video, so by looking at these pictures, the user decides whether to click on the content. It'll also be beneficial for increasing the click rate of your video. It's used in search results but is usually displayed in a player.
 It's important to note that not all Vimeo videos have custom thumbnails. In cases where the video does not have a custom thumbnail, Vimeo will automatically generate the Thumbnail based on a frame from the video. In order to download a custom thumbnail, the video must have one uploaded by the user.

Vimeo Thumbnail is not Showing

Another thing to remember is that some Vimeo videos may be set to private, meaning that only authorized users can view them. In such cases, It'll not be possible to download the thumbnail of the video using any Vimeo thumbnail downloader.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change Thumbnail on Vimeo Video?

Yes! You can change the Thumbnail of your video by following the same procedure as you create your first Thumbnail.

Where is my downloading Thumbnail saved?

It depends on where you want to save your profile by default settings. We recommend you save JPG, GIF, or PNG files that are the same dimensions as your video.

Can I download an HD thumbnail image?

Yes! You can download an HD image that Vimeo highly prefers.

Can I Replace a primary Thumbnail Image?

Yes! If you want to replace your primary image, select the video you want to edit, then scroll your cursor over the image, click the More Options(•••) icon on the image upright, and choose to Replace.

Is this tool free or paid?

This tool is free for you to generate a Vimeo thumbnail quickly. So, don't worry about money or time also. It can work in just a few seconds.